AOA’s Jimin Feels the Heat of Her Growing Popularity After “Unpretty Rapstar”

AOA Jimin has been the center of attention since her appearance in “Unpretty Rapstar,” and she confessed that she now feels the heat of her popularity.

On the episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” aired on May 27, Secret’s Song Ji Eun and Zinger, and AOA’s Jimin and Choa appear as guests.

When Defconn asks Jimin, “We saw a different side of you through Mnet’s ‘Unpretty Rapstar.’ Do you feel your increasing popularity now?” she says, “They even notice me when I have no makeup on,” to express her gratitude. Defconn gives a witty response, saying, “It’s because you wear makeup but cry it all away.”

jimin 2

Zinger, too, compliments Jimin, saying, “I could tell that you tried to break through the stereotypes of being a girl group member.”

Meanwhile, this was the 200th episode of “Weekly Idol,” leading to a long line of well-known guests including Sistar, Secret, AOA, MONSTA X, Sonamoo, and N.Flying.

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