Lee Seung Chul Reveals Why He Stepped Down from “Superstar K”

The iconic face of “Superstar K,” Lee Seung Chul, revealed the reasons as to why he stepped down from being a judge on the show.

Lee Seung Chul appeared on an episode of JTBC’s “News Room” on May 27 to talk about his new album.

When asked, “Do a lot of singers worry about their vocal chords as they age,” he answers, “A majority likes their current voice compared to when they debuted. Though they think that their early voices are tacky and awkward, many fans still like that side of them as well.”

“That was actually the least of my worries. I was more concerned about how people looked at me and said, ‘Lets see how good you are’ when I was a judge on ‘Superstar K,’” he continues. “I felt burdened because every student preparing to professionally sing would probably listen to me.”

“That’s why I stepped down from my position,” he clarifies. “I also have to prepare for a world tour, and my schedule was too tight.”

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Chul made a comeback with his 12th album “Time Flies” on May 26.

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