SISTAR to Make Their Comeback at the End of June

SISTAR will be making a summer comeback near the end of June. Well-known for their popular summer songs, the songstresses will be back to tantalize our ears during the hot summer. The producer of their upcoming summer song is Duble Sidekick who previously worked with them with songs “Give It To Me,” “Loving U,” and “I Swear.”

A representative shared, “You will be able to see a completely different side of SISTAR that hasn’t been seen thus far. You can look forward to it.”

There is heightened anticipation due to the fact that many girl groups will be making comebacks around the same time. Girls’ Generation, A Pink, and Girl’s Day are planning comebacks in June or July as well. Time will only tell whether the popular girl groups will end up promoting at the same time and how their new songs will be received.

Currently, all the members of SISTAR are enjoying individual popularity in addition to their collective fame as a girl group.

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