17 Amazing Korean Cosmetic Dupes

Korean beauty products are becoming increasingly popular due to their innovative and trendy qualities. Luckily, they are also on the inexpensive side compared to many non-Korean brands. There are a plethora of Korean cosmetic dupes that are just as good and sometimes even better than their more expensive counterparts. This article will introduce some of the most popular Korean cosmetic dupes around. Most of them have been personally tested by yours truly to ensure quality. Check out our list of 17 Amazing Korean Cosmetic Dupes to save some cash and find new beauty loves!

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Liquid eyeliner lovers rejoice – you can get CLIO’s crowd-pleasing liquid eyeliner AND the accompanying cleansing oil for less than the total price of the Lancome liquid eyeliner! CLIO’s liquid eyeliner has a fine brush tip that allows for both thick and thin application. It’s handy for precise lines for an amazing cat eye look. The lasting formula contributes to its ongoing popularity.



Maybe eyeliner pencils are your preferred choice of eyeliner. If so, you’ll find that your beloved Urban Decay pencil eyeliners have met a formidable match in CLIO’s eyeliners. Both have a creamy gel-like consistency that allows for smooth application and easy smudging. Once dry, the eyeliner remains intact for those unaffected by oily or crease-prone eyelids. CLIO’s eyeliners also offer a great selection of beautiful colors suitable for every kind of makeup look.



Don’t worry, gel eyeliner lovers, we haven’t forgotten you! Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner continues to be a prominent gel eyeliner mainstay. However, Mamonde’s gel eyeliner is a great contender and for a lower price! Although Mamonde doesn’t have as diverse an array of colors, you’re in luck if you’re looking for basic brown or black (the two colors most commonly used by Korean women). This product is extremely convenient, as it includes a built-in brush. (A separate Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush costs around $27.)




Do eyeliners and eyeshadows crease, smudge, and fade on your eyes? Then an eyeshadow primer might be the solution to your problem! Eyeshadow primers are priming products that help your eye makeup last longer and stay vibrant. The Urban Decay eyeshadow primer has long been an international favorite, but the Etude House version is very similar and more affordable! In our experience, the consistency and lasting power are pretty equal.



So let’s say you have already tried either the Urban Decay or Etude House eyeshadow primer and weren’t impressed. While those popular eyeshadow primers are beloved by numerous individuals, they might not suit your needs. Thus, I introduce you to Innisfree’s eye primer that is akin to the famous NARS eye primer. These two eye primers feel a bit tackier, but last much longer on oily eyelids. If you’re interested in splurging in a Korean eyeshadow primer, then check out VDL’s eyeshadow primer!



Now for some eyeshadow products to put on top of your eyeshadow primer! Neutral eyeshadows are by far the most practical since you can wear them all year round and for any kind of situation. Bobbi Brown creates popular and wearable eyeshadow palettes. But if you’re interested in trying out a trendy Korean eyeshadow palette, 3 Concept Eyes has great shimmery choices. Their eyeshadows are pigmented, but not too pigmented to the point of being overwhelming.



Do you find applying eyeshadow too time-consuming or difficult? If so, try an eyeshadow stick. These products are expedient and easy. They are definitely timesavers when you’re running late or hitting the snooze button. Simply apply the product on your eyelids and blend the edges with your fingers. Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow stick is great, but comes at a hefty cost. You can achieve the same look with Etude House’s eyeshadow stick for a fraction of the price. Since they are so inexpensive, you can buy multiple shades!




Well-defined and full eyebrows are all the rage in Korea, and for good reason. Eyebrows frame your face and can greatly change your appearance for better or for worse. There are a variety of products you can use to transform your eyebrows. Let’s start out with the ever-popular eyebrow pencil. Anastasia Beverly Hills is legendary for their eyebrow products and services. Fortunately, there are many Korean eyebrow pencils that are just as great while remaining reasonably priced. This Missha one is also dual-ended, but the extra piece is a sponge on one side and a spoolie on the other. The sponge and spoolie helps you blend the product on your eyebrows for naturally defined eyebrows.



If you prefer more a natural eyebrow look, then powder might be a better choice for you. You’re in luck as there are great Korean beauty dupes for those as well. Anastasia’s eyebrow powder is another pricey favorite from their brand. This one from Skinfood also includes different colored powders that can help you create a customized color that is suitable for you. Plus, it actually smells like chocolate! If you’re not a fan of chocolate-scented products, don’t worry because the scent is only detectable if you sniff the palette up close. It also comes with a handy applicator.



Eyebrow mascaras are great on top of other eyebrow products as they help blend and keep your eyebrow hairs in place. You can also use them on their own if your eyebrows are on the fuller side. Benefit’s eyebrow mascara is a popular product enjoyed by many. Luckily, there are cheaper comparable eyebrow mascaras, such as Etude House’s eyebrow mascara. This one costs less than half of the Benefit one! Also, there are more color choices available for the Etude House eyebrow mascara.




For volumizing and spiky lashes, bestseller Givenchy remains a favorite for its unique mascara wand shape. Holika Holika’s mascara offers the same great volume with their reasonably priced masacara. The Holika Holika mascara wand offers the best of both worlds with a rounded tip that boosts volume and a plastic bristle wand that helps with definition.



If you prefer a skinnier mascara brush for more definition and a clean look, take a look at these mascaras. The Lancome mascara is well-loved yet quite pricey. For half the price, you can try Innisfree’s skinny mascara. The skinny, barely-there mascara wand helps your lashes look natural without any clumping. This mascara is great for those who love super-natural makeup.




Dior’s cult-favorite tinted lip balm continues to reign supreme. However, you can get the same look with Missha’s tinted lip balm that costs much less. Missha offers five different shades in this particular tinted lip balm line. From the favored natural pink to coral and cherry red, all of their colors are gorgeous and natural. They also feel light and comfortable on lips. If you aren’t a fan of the vanilla-scented Dior lip balm, you might enjoy the faint fruity scent of the Missha one. Furthermore, the Missha lip balm has SPF 18 which is higher than the SPF 10 of the Dior lip balm. If you’re willing to splurge on a more expensive Korean dupe, try Laneige’s Water Drop Tinted Lip Balm.


Benefit’s Benetint is the original lip and cheek tint. The iconic product has had enduring popularity over the years. But dare I say that a Korean dupe is… even better? Peripera’s tint in Cherry Juice is pretty identical to the Benetint when applied. What gives Peripera’s product the edge is the packaging and formula. It’s longer-lasting and easier to apply with its doe-foot applicator compared to Benetint’s stiffer brush applicator. While Benetint is certainly a classic, the Peripera tint boasts cuter and more modern packaging as well. You can actually purchase four different Peripera lip tints for the price of one Benetint here. No contest here.



If you prefer creamy lip tints, you must have heard about YSL’s glossy lip stain. For those of you who are looking for a similar product, try Innisfree’s eco flower tint. To be honest, this steal is not quite identical to the YSL lip stain, which boasts a smoother application. However, it’s great for individuals who want a softer, more natural lip color. For a more pricey Korean lip tint alternative that more closely rivals YSL, I would recommend Laneige’s Water Drop Tint.



YSL arguably makes some of the best lip products in the cosmetics industry. Amongst their newer lip products, their oil lip tint product is gaining a gathering of lovers. For a cheaper substitute, try Tony Moly’s cute-as-a-button oil lip tint. While the price and packaging are different, the overall effect is very similar. Korean oil lip tints also offer more pigmented shades for those who want the coveted popsicle-stained lip look; The Saem’s Eco Soul Tint-In-Oil is another great choice.




For our last dupe, we will be looking at concealers. The NARS creamy concealer has become increasingly popular after it was first released. Fortunately, there is a great Korean concealer that is very inexpensive. The Saem’s concealer is also great for covering redness and dark undereye circles. Both concealers are creamy and long-lasting with great coverage. If you prefer a lightweight concealer with less coverage, try 3 Concept Eyes Waterful Concealer. For those who favor concealers in a pot, the Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer is nice.

That’s all for our Korean makeup dupes. Which ones are you interested in? Be sure to share your comments below! If you would like to see a Korean skincare dupes article, let us know!