Song Jae Rim: “‘We Got Married’ with Kim So Eun Was Not Staged”

Actor Song Jae Rim recently opened up about his virtual marriage life with his “We Got Married” partner, actress Kim So Eun.

During a recent interview with OSEN, the actor shared, “I have been with Kim So Eun on ‘We Got Married’ for about nine months, and our connection has been getting better and better. That kind of change is not staged/set up. Whenever we film for the show, we spend for over 12 hours together, so we naturally feel an attachment.”

Meanwhile, it was officially confirmed on May 28 that Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun will be stepping down from the show around the middle of June.

The SoRim couple, as they are called, have continued to earn much love and support from fans and viewers since beginning their on-screen marriage life in September of last year.

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