Ice Skating Champion Kim Yuna Reveals the Hardships of Her Athletic Career

Kim Yuna, though remembered for her great accomplishments on the ice rink, confessed the hardships of her career.

On May 28, during the talk concert “Play the Challenge,” Kim Yuna revealed the endless effort she had to put into becoming the best.

She started off by saying, “During my 17 years as an athlete, I think there were more bad than good memories.”

“There were too many injuries and slumps. Though I was very frustrated when I was young and cried a lot, now I just pull through [a slump] with time,” she said. “When I was in middle school, I was frequently injured and my boots no longer fit because of my changing body. To top it all off, I had to take a month off because I hurt my hip muscles. My worst slump was after I won the gold medal for the 2015 Vancouver Olympics because I felt like I had achieved all my goals and dreams. That’s why I was not motivated for the World Figure Skating Championships.”

Meanwhile, when she was praised for setting 11 world records, she said, “I don’t think world records are that important for an athlete. I just found out that I set the world record 11 times, too. During a game, it’s the ranking that’s truly important. I will say, though, that it’s good to have a world record in your pocket.”

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