Yewon and Henry Visit a Fortune Teller on “We Got Married”

Henry and Yewon recently enjoyed a date in Hongdae on “We Got Married,” even visiting a fortune teller to ask about their marital compatibility.

Visiting the Seoul college neighborhood, the two buy couple items and eat ice cream together while enjoying their date. During the date, Yewon then explains to a clueless Henry about getting one’s fortune told, and suggests that the two visit a fortune teller to ask about their marital compatibility.

Henry then states, “Everyone will know who we are if they see our faces, so let’s use something to disguise ourselves.” At that, the two don glasses, hats, and masks to securely hide their identities and go to visit a fortune teller.

The pair are then unable to hide their pleased expressions when they hear good news from the fortune teller, who says that they each make up for certain qualities that the other lacks. Yewon then asks if Henry is a bit of a womanizer, to which the fortune teller responds, “He has a talent,” embarrassing Henry.


Meanwhile, Yewon and Henry’s Hongdae date will air during the May 30 broadcast of “We Got Married” at 5 p.m KST.

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