Seo Eon and Seo Jun Transform into Tiger Swimmers on “Superman Returns”

The upcoming 80th episode of KBS2‘s “Superman Returns” will focus on the theme of making the fathers’ imaginations come true. Thus, Seo Eon and Seo Jun try their hand at learning swimming.

Donning adorable tiger swimsuits, the twins endeavor to overcome their fear of water. Seo Eon, in particular, used to wail when he went into the water. Now that he is a bit older, he enjoys the water immensely. Interestingly, Seo Eon meets a new friend who becomes his unofficial swimming instructor for the day. Lee Hwi Jae is delightfully surprised and asks, “Seo Eon, are you going to join the Marine Corps?”

On the other hand, Seo Jun who has always displayed a stronger image, surprisingly pouts when he has to face the water. Despite the fact that they are twins, the brothers show polar opposite reactions to swimming.

More cute pouts and reactions can be seen when the episode airs on May 31 at 4:50 p.m KST.

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