Beenzino’s Mom Approves of Her Son’s New German Girlfriend

Netizens have been going crazy over the news of Beenzino’s new German girlfriend Stefanie Michova, and even his mom, the talented painter Keum Dong Won, showed approval of the new couple.

In a recent interview with Women Central for their June issue, she said, “I like his current girlfriend. It is important that he freely dates the person he chooses.”

Beenzino adds, “My mom has always been cool about me dating. She’s not the type of parent who hangs on to the past saying, ‘I gave my all to raise you.’ We talk more about the present and future.”

“I don’t try to determine my child’s future. I try and watch him build his own identity from afar. Though it took me some time and courage to let my son go, it’s his job to find his own path in life,” comments Keum Dong Won on her parenting style.

Meanwhile, Beenzino originally studied sculpturing at Seoul National University but chose music in the end. Though his mom grumbled, “You act like you’re so special,” she never got mad or made him act against his own will.

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