Dae Han Takes Care of His Brothers and Feeds Them Ice Cream

The Song triplets share everything, even their (gasp) ice cream!

The most recent preview video for KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns” shows the triplets sharing their ice cream together. Dae Han, especially, takes his role as the oldest seriously, handing out his ice cream to his younger brothers.

Dae Han tries to give a spoonful to Min Gook, but accidently takes away the spoon before it even reaches his younger brother’s mouth. Though Min Gook is confused by the situation, he is soon happy with a mouthful of ice cream after Dae Han realizes his mistake.

Man Se, too, craves for the ice cream and his brother’s attention, saying, “Me too.” Min Gook follows along, saying, “What about Min Gook? Hey Dae Han, give Min Gook some too,” while opening his mouth wide.

song triplets 2

Though he could be annoyed, Dae Han quietly takes care of both his brothers, alternating each spoonful.

Fans will be able to see more adorableness from the Song triplets on May 31 through “Superman Returns.”

Meanwhile, watch the adorable clip below!

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