Park Han Byul Hilariously Puts Stockings Over Her Face on “Law of the Jungle”

Actress Park Han Byul completely broke her neat image and looked absolutely hilarious with a pair of stockings in a recent episode of “Law of the Jungle” that aired on May 29.

To prepare for the night, Park Han Byul and Ryu Seung Soo start putting cinnamon powder in stockings to fend off the bugs. While doing so, they play a game of rock-paper-scissors so that the loser has to put the stocking over their head. Ryu Seung Soo wins and leaves Park Han Byul to do the punishment.

To everyone’s surprise, the actress doesn’t hold anything back as she proceeds with the penalty, giving quite a good laugh to the audience with her scrunched up face. Her beautiful, delicate image seen in pictorials is nowhere to be seen here, as she transforms into a true jungle girl.

Get ready for a good laugh…

park han byul1

park han byul2

Afterwards, she confessed, “I think my job is going to go down the drain.”

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