Yewon Shocks Henry With Her Wrong Answer to the Question, “What Is the Capital of America?”

Yewon surprised Henry with her shallow trivia knowledge on “We Got Married.”

On a recent recording of the variety program MBC‘s “We Got Married,” Henry teaches Yewon some simple English words and phrases.

While teaching Yewon, Henry suddenly asks her what the capital of the United States is. Yewon, flustered, can’t reply for a long time, and in the end replies, “Sydney,” shocking Henry.

Yewon gets him right back though, asking the Canadian-born Henry what the capital of Canada is. That also takes Henry off-guard and he also cannot answer.

Afterwards, they watch a movie together and they are once again surprised when a sexy scene appears. Yewon is the first to notice, and she covers Henry’s eyes, inciting laughter.

You can catch the episode next week!

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