Eun Ji Won to Release New Music but Won’t Appear on Music Shows

Eun Ji Won will be making a comeback to the music scene.

His last single, “Whoever,” was released in 2012, making this his first comeback in two years and six months. Despite the welcoming return, the singer and television personality announced that he will not be promoting on TV.

Eun Ji Won’s agency commented, “He will only be appearing on ‘Hello Counselor‘ and radio show ‘CulTwo Show.‘ He will not be appearing on music shows at all.”

Regarding not appearing on variety shows to promote the album, his agency further added, “As he has prepared this album for such a long time, he wants to prove himself solely with the music.” On music shows, they explained, “The music program environment has changed so much, and he has not been on a music show in a really long time. He’s very shy about appearing on the same stage as his juniors.”

Eun Ji Won will be releasing the single and the music video for “What U Are” on June 1. The EP will be released on June 8.

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