Park Shin Hye Expresses Gratitude for Positive Reactions to Her Appearance on “Three Meals a Day”

Actress Park Shin Hye seemed to have truly enjoyed her experiences on tvN‘s variety show “Three Meals a Day!

On the latest episode of the show that aired on May 29, the popular actress showed off her cooking chops, whipping up impressive dishes from hotpot to party noodles. The cast of “Three Meals a Day” were amazed by her cooking skills, even asking her if she had anything she could not do.

She also helped the house with their cornfield, cheering on Ok Taecyeon, Lee Seo Jin, and Kim Kwang Kyu. The entire house, including the pets, seemed enamored by her energy.

After the episode aired, Park Shin Hye’s agency S.A.L.T Entertainment announced, “Park Shin Hye has created unforgettable memories, spending those three days at the house. I think she really had a great time as the ‘Three Meals a Day’ family welcomed her so warmly. We are thankful that the viewers enjoyed her on the show as well.”

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