Upcoming Drama “High Society” Releases First Set of Posters

SBS‘ upcoming Monday-Tuesday evening drama “High Society” has released its first set of three posters.

Each poster features all of the four leads, Uee, Sung Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Im Ji Yeon. The posters have a distinct aesthetic which highlights the show’s theme of “high society.”

In the pop art-inspired poster, each of the leads have a tagline that seems to hint at their character in the drama. Uee’s tagline reads, “Don’t be evil!” while Sung Joon’s says, “I can be evil!” Park Hyung Sik’s tagline reads “Want to be cool and generous, but I am a boss!” while Im Ji Yeon’s states, “the good is the best policy.”

Another poster shows the four in a luxurious ballroom setting, while another consists of series of photo booth pictures.

“High Society” will premiere on June 8.

high society 02

high society 03

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