Park Shin Hye Shows Special Bond with Chae Jung Ahn

Park Shin Hye has shown her sister-like affection for singer Chae Jung Ahn, posting a picture of the two of them together on her Instagram page.

The actress uploaded the picture, as well as another of her in the crowd of Chae Jung Ahn’s recent “Super Concert Enjoy Saturday” in Busan, along with some lyrics to Chae Jung Ahn’s song “Heartless.” She wrote, “Chae Jung Ahn unni is the best.”

The photo features Park Shin Hye and some of her acquaintances with Chae Jung Ahn behind the stage of the May 30 concert. Standing close together, the pair’s special bond is made immediately clear in the picture.

Meanwhile, Chae Jung Ahn put on a spectacular show during her May 30 concert, “Super Concert Enjoy Saturday.”

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