Song Il Gook Wants His Kids to Stop Growing Up

Song Il Gook has admitted that he wishes his triplets would stop growing up on “Superman Returns.”

During the KBS 2TV show’s May 31 broadcast, Song Il Gook and his triplets, Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se visit a tap dance academy, where they have a blast dancing along to the exciting tap dance music. Even though their dancing can’t exactly be labeled as tap dancing, the triplets do their best nonetheless.

Then, while remembering a tap-dance contest that he entered with his wife in the past, Song Il Kook says, “I wish I could make up for the disappointment from the competition two years ago,” expressing his desire to stand on stage with his three kids. “It’s too early to say if they have a talent for tap dancing,” he continues. “But it’s clear that they are having fun. Isn’t it true that what you imagine will one day come true? If it meant the kids would stop growing up, though, I’m okay with it not coming true.”


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