Song Il Gook Delighted by Triplets’ Predicted Heights

Song Il Gook couldn’t hide his delighted expression when he learned the predicted heights of his three boys on “Superman Returns.”

On the May 31 broadcast of the KBS2 show, Song Il Gook takes his triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se to the hospital to get a quick check up. While there, the doctor tells Song Il Gook that the kids’ anticipated heights are between 180 and 190 centimeters.

The estimated height of 185 centimeters is reached by adding Song Il Gook’s height of 185 centimeters and his wife Jung Seung Yeon’s height of 172 centimeters, adding 13 more centimeters, and then dividing the total by two. “They may be five centimeters taller or shorter than the estimation” of 185 centimeters, the doctor says.

Unable to hide his joy at the news of his boys’ health and future heights, Song Il Gook then exclaims, “They’ll be just like me.”

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