Yano Shiho Moved to Tears by Chu Sarang’s Meaningful Gift

Yano Shiho was moved to tears by her lovely daughter Chu Sarang‘s gift.

On the May 31 episode of KBS2‘s variety program “Superman Returns,” Yano Shiho sheds tears after receiving a hand-made carnation from Chu Sarang. In Korea, carnations often represent love and gratitude.

Chu Sarang pins the flower on her mother’s shirt who she hasn’t seen for the past 48 hours, and at Sarang’s gift, Yano Shiho is struck speechless.

yano shiho 2

Afterwards in a private interview, Yano Shiho says, “There isn’t another like her. She is a being who moves me like no one else ever has before, lets me live a life that I haven’t experienced before and allows me to understand what the important things are.”

She also says, “She’s also a being who leads me. It’s strange, it’s really difficult for me to describe in words.”

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