Eddy Kim Didn’t See BoA at All While Recording for Her Album?

Eddy Kim successfully wrapped up “Let’s Sing Sing Sing,” his third solo concert since his debut one year ago, on May 30.

During the concert, which took place at UNDERSTAGE in Itaewon, Eddy Kim shared about his experience featuring on “Double Jack” from BoA‘s new album “Kiss My Lips.” He said, “Thankfully, I got to sing with BoA recently. I went to the studio [with a rough idea] of how we would record, but there were only three male engineers there at the studio. I didn’t even get to meet BoA.”

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He then said, “Recently, I got a chance to meet BoA because we filmed for ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.’ I was going to look at her greasily during the performance, but I was so shy that I couldn’t even look at her face.” He then said, “But during the actual recording, I acted well, looking her in the eye and everything.”

Meanwhile, Eddy Kim delighted the audience with special guest appearances by hip-hop artists Crush, Kanto, and Mad Clown at his solo concert.

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