Song Il Gook’s Triplets Traumatized by Vaccination Shots on “Superman Returns”

Song Il Gook’s triplets threw a bit of a fit at the doctor’s office during the latest episode of “Superman Returns.”

During the May 31 episode of the show, Song Il Gook travels with his triplets Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se to the hospital, where they are set to receive vaccination shots. First to receive the shot is Min Gook, whose demeanor totally changes once he feels the sharp prick of the needle. His subsequent wailing not only embarrasses his father but also alerts his brothers as to what’s in store for them.


Hearing his brother’s cries, Dae Han begins to tremble in fear. Second in line, he cries as he tries to refuse the shot.


Finally, it’s Man Se’s turn. Crying that it hurts before it has even begun, he then begins to sob that much harder after actually getting the shot. However, his cries soon turn into a smile after the doctor gives him a vitamin.


Meanwhile, the day’s broadcast also featured Uhm Ji On feeding a giraffe, Song Il Gook’s triplets learning to tap dance, twins Seo Un and Seo Joon learning to swim, and Chu Sa Rang trying her hand for the first time at sea fishing while visiting her grandfather in Yokohama.

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