Uhm Ji On Gets Her Groove on to BIGBANG’s “Loser”

Uhm Ji On is the cutest V.I.P we ever did see!

On May 28, Uhm Ji On’s mother Yoon Hye Jin uploaded onto her Instagram a video of her daughter grooving along to one of BIGBANG‘s latest singles “Loser.”

She writes, “[This] 23-month-old crawled into her dad’s shoes and is having a ball at this ungodly hour. #gdragon oppa~ We are sorry. We love you @xxxibgdrgn And in other news, we’re packing so our room is ㅠㅠ So clean… kkkkk”

In the video, Uhm Ji On adorably bounces up and down in polka dot leggings and her dad’s all-too-big sneakers.

Looks like she’s got some of her mother’s dancer genes!

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