This Week’s “King of Mask Singer” Lineup Surprises Everyone

The judging panel and viewers alike were treated to great performances from some surprising contestants on the May 31 episode of “King of Mask Singer.”

“King of Mask Singer” is a singing competition in which celebrities perform under pseudonyms while wearing masks. This allows the judges and audience to vote based on their voices alone. Each singer competes one-on-one against another contestant, and the losers in each round take off their masks to reveal their true identity. Oftentimes they are professional singers, but sometimes they are celebrities who work in other fields.

The most surprising reveal this week was actress Kim Seul Gi. The hilarious young star debuted on “SNL Korea,” and has since been acting in dramas and films. Because her voice is so powerful, mature, and emotional, some of the judges guess that she might be veteran musical actress Park Hae Mi. Many are shocked when she removes her mask, because the 24-year-old sounds like she has singing experience well beyond her years.

Kim Seul Gi reveals that she studied musical theater in university. “I’m so happy that you’ve said that my voice is filled with emotion. What I had hoped for has come true,” she says.

Fellow contestant miss A‘s Min is also complimented on her voice, which the judges think is seductive and impressive, although she unfortunately loses her round and has to take off her mask.

“I haven’t had many opportunities to sing on my own,” she says. “So it was so great. I was really nervous though, but it it was okay since I had the mask on.”

The next contestant to remove their mask is musical actor Ahn Jae Mo. “I haven’t done many variety shows, so I’m sure it was difficult for you to guess who I was,” he says. “It was fun because you didn’t know who I was.”

He then adds, “This was the first time in a long time that I’ve been this nervous. I want to come back again. I wanted to do this because when I saw it on television it looked really fun.”

Lastly, he says, “People tend to think of me as someone who’s a bit cold and difficult to approach. I hope that they’ll now think of me as a friendly actor, who’s just like the guy next door.”

The final contestant to reveal their identity is singer Seo In Young. When asked why she wanted to come on the show, Seo In Young says that the first thing people think when her name comes up is her obsession with shoes. “I really love shoes,” she says with a laugh, “but sometimes it’s upsetting… and boring, sometimes.”

“No matter how well I do, people go ‘Oh wow, she’s a great singer!’ and then right after that they go back to the shoes,” she says. “So I wanted to break that prejudice.”

Which singer surprised you most?

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