BTS’ V and j-hope Will Break Your Heart with Their Cover of “Hug Me”

BTS‘ V and j-hope will break your heart in the most wonderful way with their touching cover of “Hug Me” by Jung Joon Il.

On May 31, BTS posted the cover on their YouTube channel, which features V and j-hope singing and rapping their hearts out in a recording studio. Their casual clothing and the video’s black-and-white filter helps fans focus solely on their unique voices.

The stripped down song highlights V’s rich and soothing vocals. Fans are also in for a treat with j-hope’s powerful rapping, which was not a part of the original song. His lyrics and raspy voice add an extra layer of anguish and despair to the quiet song.

Enjoy V and j-hope’s cover of “Hug Me” in the clip below!