Ji Sung Says “Three Meals a Day” Brings Out One’s True Character

Ji Sung commented on what it was like to be a part of “Three Meals a Day.”

On May 30, Ji Sung held the “2015 Ji Sung Fan Meeting~ Remember, The Time We Met.

During his fan meeting, Ji Sung mentioned his appearance in “Three Meals a Day,” saying, “I decided to take part in the show after receiving a phone call a month ago. I had to do so much in Jungseon. It was super tiring. My arms got really tan too.”

“’Three Meals a Day’ is so tiring that it brings out your true personality,” he added. “Though I usually have a hard time fitting in when filming variety shows, I was more comfortable on ‘Three Meals a Day.’”

Meanwhile, Ji Sung will be appearing in the Jungseon edition of “Three Meals a Day” on June 5 as the second guest. In the trailer, he brings ice cream as a present but is immediately compared to Park Shin Hye. The camera captures how he is diligently working, as if he were in the army again.

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