Lee Hyori Shuts Down All Her Social Media Accounts

It seems like Lee Hyori will be laying low for a while since she shut down all her social media accounts.

On May 30, the singer erased all her posts on her blog and unofficially closed it down. She has also erased her Twitter account as well. Even her cell phone number, which she has kept for a long time, has changed along with her husband’s.

Though Lee Hyori did previously say, “I will only be operating my blog for a year,” fans cannot help but worry about her since she had so actively communicated with her fans through her social media accounts. Even more curious is the fact that she did not inform anyone about closing her SNS accounts.

On May 31, an insider said, “She hasn’t been using her Twitter account in a while so it was pointless to have one.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori opened a blog last year on May 27 through Naver under the name “Sogildaek.” It immediately gained popularity, reaching 10 million visitors in only 70 days. It was even marked number one in the blog rankings with 220,000 friends. Though some posts also caused controversial buzz, they were the center of attention nevertheless. Her Twitter account also reached 460,000 followers after being opened in 2009 and showed her strong influence on society.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori visited New York for three months starting from February. She has not had any public schedules since then.

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