Ji Sung Has an Amazing Time with His Fans in 2015 Fanmeeting

Actor Ji Sung recently met with 1,000 of his fans in his 2015 fanmeeting “Remember, the Time We Met” on May 30.

The tickets sold out in just one minute after opening, even for the additional day that was added in huge demand by fans.

Ji Sung came up with the title himself for this special event, and participated in stage design, sound check, and others as well. In the beginning, he made his fans laugh when he reenacted a scene from his popular drama “Kill Me Heal Me.” He also listened to his fans’ concerns and gave sincere advice, filling the arena with a heartwarming atmosphere.

During the second part of his fanmeeting, Ji Sung staged his live show where he wowed the audience by singing four songs, which had a wide range of genres from a soft ballad to rock.

Ji Sung’s love for fans didn’t stop there as he added one hour more to his 100-minute fanmeeting and held a high-touch event with all of the fans in attendance. It was very clear how much he had been waiting for this special time with fans.

Moreover, on Monday, after the day of his fanmeeting, Ji Sung messaged everyone who came to the event, saying, “Are you guys having a good day? This is Ji Sung. Our time together on May 30, 2015, was an unforgettable gift for me. Thank you. Stay healthy and I’ll be waiting for our next time together.”


Ji Sung’s agency Namoo Actors stated, “The fans ranged from middle school students to elderly citizens who were all very nice. We think that Ji Sung’s sincerity towards his fans was accurately delivered through this event. He gave it his best during rehearsals, sometimes skipping his breaks. He was very touched by his fans as well, and continued to show his love for them during the wrap-up party for his fanmeeting.”

Meanwhile, Ji Sung appeared on a recent episode of “Three Meals a Day” set to air on June 5 at 9:45 p.m. KST.

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