KARA’s Gyuri Discusses Her Fear of Weight Gain on “4 Things Show”

KARA member Gyuri has discussed her unhealthy dieting habits, confessing that she gets stressed when people say that she’s gained weight.

On the June 2 episode of “4 Things Show,” the singer discusses her fear of weight gain, saying, “Up until last year, I was sleeping less while eating very little and exercising. I would exercise even though I had only slept for three to four hours. I developed anemia while doing concerts. I also got acid reflux and threw up blood a while ago. It was shocking,” she explains.

“I would get stressed whenever netizens would say that I gained weight again. So I dieted and continued to damage my body, but now I’m realizing that I shouldn’t,” she said, acknowledging the need to live a healthier lifestyle.


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