Han Sun Hwa’s Recent Tweets Spark Rumors of Discord Among Secret Members

Secret member Han Sun Hwa’s recent posts on Twitter have sparked rumors of discord amongst the members of her group.

On the June 1 broadcast of Mnet’s “Yaman TV,” member Jung Hana had appeared as a guest on the show and discussed the drinking habits of the members of Secret. About Sun Hwa, she had explained, “When she drinks, she has a lot of complaints against the world.”

After seeing this, however, it seems that Sun Hwa felt uncomfortable due to these words, as she took to Twitter to clear things up.

On June 2, she tweeted screencaps from the show and wrote: “Three years ago, [the Secret members] all drank together once or twice because of the atmosphere amongst our members. At the time, I talked about how upset I was about my ‘blank paper’ (airheaded) image, but I guess [Hana] took that as having a lot of complaints against the world.”

Shortly after, Sun Hwa tweeted again, “Actually, we drank only one time together.”

han sun hwa

Following these tweets, fans and netizens have started to speculate possible discord amongst the members of the group, particularly between Sun Hwa and Hana.

According to various online communities, Sun Hwa posted a message on Secret’s fan cafe after her tweets began to spread and stir up rumors. The message reads, “Unlike what the fans are thinking, it’s something like ‘find the hidden picture’ game. Rather than posting it because I was offended, hearing that I ‘have a lot of complaints against the world’ took my by surprise. Even for someone like me, who somewhat understands that variety is variety, I had simply opened up to Hana three years ago about something I was struggling with in order to receive advice. The reason I am writing this is to let you all know that there are a lot of things that all of the fans are not aware of.”

However, as of June 3, the post is unable to be found on the fan cafe any longer.

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