Wear Your Fandom with ToFebruary

There are many K-pop fashion sites on the web so we’ve decided to highlight some of the best so you can shop happier when you’re looking to show off your K-pop through your clothing!

First up, we have ToFebruary: an online boutique full of clothing, jewelry, and accessories – all imported directly from Asia. Perhaps the best part about the shop is that most of the items are directly related to K-pop – either the exact shirt that your bias has worn or an accessory/shirt inspired by them!  With a ton of products to choose from, definitely the most difficult part of shopping with ToFebruary is not buying everything.

Since summer is both concert season and a slew of amazing comebacks, we wanted to highlight some  items from the store that will help you show off your fandom in case you’re going to any upcoming events. Whether you wear your fandom loud and proud or in more understated ways, we’ve found a few items that will complete your fan collection:

1.  Super Junior Bracelet


Are you planning to attend KCON in LA? If so, you’ll probably run into Super Junior and many, many Super Junior fans! Pick up this bracelet and no matter which outfits you choose to wear all weekend, you’ll have this on your wrist to show off that you’re a proud ELF. You can also grab their cute cell phone charm to up the ELF ante!

2. BTS Jerseys


BTS is without a doubt one of the hottest groups around right now and they are in the midst of a(n almost) world tour! If you were lucky enough to snag a ticket to their sold-out U.S. shows, why not pick up this sweater and let your bias show? They have one for a majority of the members, for all of you Jin fans unfortunately you’ll have to request his jersey – I already sent an email because, c’mon he’s everyone’s favorite hyung!  If you can’t pick just one favorite there is absolutely nothing wrong with buying all 6 and rotating through them. No one will judge you.

3. The EXO Shirt


Can’t pick a bias in EXO? You’re not alone! Support the whole group with this more feminine version of their EXO jerseys! With EXO rocking the charts during their latest comeback – you gotta get in on the support!

4. EXO Socks


Now, if you can pick a bias, then these are definitely for you! Character socks are everywhere in Korea and ToFebruary has a selection of EXO member socks! Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of Suho, Xiumin, Lay, or Chen you’ll have to email and request their socks to be added! (I already emailed a request for Chen.)

5. VIXX’s Hoodie


With VIXX gracing NYC’s KCON with their presence, now is a good time to perfect your Starlight look. How better to do this than with a ROVIX hoodie just like the ones the members themselves always rock?

As a special bonus, we have a code to give you 20% off your order! Enter “Soompi20” at checkout to enjoy some savings on us! Happy shopping~

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