Over 1400 Students Across 85 Schools Show Symptoms of Cold Amidst MERS Scare

According to an exclusive report by News1, it has been revealed that over 1400 students across 85 schools located in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea have recently shown symptoms of a cold or fever in the midst of the deadly MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) outbreak.

Following investigations into these cases, it has been confirmed that many of these students have been unable to attend school for days due to the severity of their fevers.

According to Gyeonggi Province Board of Education on June 3, 85 schools out of all the schools in this district have reported that a total of 1413 students have cough, cold, and fever symptoms.

It is said that the investigation was carried out on June 2, the day after South Korea confirmed the country’s first death from MERS. Due to the unexpected results of this investigation, the Board of Education has fallen into a great state of shock.

Although the symptoms appear not to be serious enough to be a cause of worry for the entire student population, there have been more and more student absences due to fevers, and the numbers are predicted to increase.

At one of the elementary schools in the district, about 10 students have not been able to go to school because their symptoms of fever have failed to improve. At another middle school, about three or four students are receiving home treatment after showing the same symptoms.

Furthermore, two students at another elementary school were revealed to have visited family members at a hospital where a patient had been diagnosed with MERS.

A representative of the Board of Education stated, “We are taken aback by these unimaginable results. We have directed schools with instructions for thorough sanitary control to prevent any more spreading.”

Meanwhile, over 200 schools throughout the country have temporarily been closed down due to the MERS scare.

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