Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - June Week 1

These moments have us anticipating for more from our favorite shows, though, sadly, two of them just took their final bow last week. Boo!

So, what’s on this week’s list? Let’s have a look!

1. “Let’s Eat 2”: And now, for the dessert!

We weren’t sure it would happen, but we got there!

Dae Young has taken a new job in Seoul to get over Soo Ji. When he runs into Sang Woo there, Dae Young learns that his hyung and Soo Ji have stopped dating. More important, Sang Woo breaks it to him that he is the one Soo Ji likes. After confessing this knowledge to Dae Young, Sang Woo feels unburdened and gives fans of their bromance hope that their friendship will be healed. It isn’t just redemption for his character, but in a way, it is necessary that the revelation comes from Sang Woo as it means he’s giving Dae Young blessing to pursue his feelings for Soo Ji. And that, Dae Young does! Back at Sejong City, he tracks our very surprised heroine at their old stomping ground. Dae Young wastes no time telling her what he learned and that he left for Seoul on purpose. What does he mean on purpose? Instead of answering her, Dae Young kisses her; he then tells her they should start dating. Happily, Soo Ji grabs his face and gives him a sweet and long kiss, breaking it off only when her stomach growls. LOL. Hand-in-hand and then arm-in-arm, they walk off for some deukbokki.

We could have done without the extensions to get us to this romance sooner! The writers may have stuffed us with eighteen episodes, but we can’t get enough of this dessert!

2. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Perfect ending

In the end, things were wrapped up nicely, and although no one went to jail, “justice” was handed out perfectly.

The Hans’ entire household staff quits because they can’t stand working there without the kids around. Tutor Park offers to help Bom and In Sang continue their studies (who knew he was rich?), and the others move to the Seos‘ neighborhood, close enough to help with little Jin Young.

Choi Yeon Hee can’t deal with any of it, especially her husband’s failure to gain custody of Jin Young, and so, she packs her bags, too. This leaves Han Jung Hoo in that big, dark house all alone. He was warned this would happen! Meanwhile, Bom and In Sang are surrounded by laughter, love, warmth, and support. The contrast to the cold, unfeeling Han household couldn’t be more apparent.

We love this ending and highly recommend this drama for a rainy day.

3. “The Producers”: Is this your first?

On Cindy‘s birthday, Joon Mo and Seung Chan take her to the amusement park, with Ye Jin set to join them later. Since Joon Mo has to work, Seung Chang is left to keep Cindy company. During their time alone, Cindy recounts her sad story about this amusement park. It’s the place where she met CEO Byun, changing her fate forever. A few seconds pass by and Cindy stands on tiptoes and kisses Seung Chan, as though she was replacing the bad memory with this dreamy moment.

We admire her audacity, but we can’t help but laugh at Seung Chan reacting as if Cindy has just taken his innocence. This isn’t his first kiss, right? LOL.

4. “Mask”: Goodbye!

Nothing annoys us more than innocent, goodie-two-shoes heroines letting villains take advantage of them.

Evil psycho Seok Hoon loses his cool when Ji Sook realizes that he’s a lying liar, ditches him—and their plan—and takes matters into her own hands, which in this case means locating her missing mother.

A wild car chase ensues in which he attempts to run her off the road, but in the process, he misses the white truck of doom heading straight for him. Yes! She’s finally safe … but wait … What? She gets out of her car to help him? We’re groaning here! We’re groaning even louder when he taunts her for being too kind to leave him for dead while he can easily kill her. However, like us, he hasn’t banked on her being a different kind of heroine. While she helps him by calling the emergency number, she drops the phone next to him, leaves him, and drives away. The girl’s all right!

5. “Warm and Cozy”: I’m still yours

Armed with her own facts, Ji Won has revealed to Gun Woo his misunderstanding about Jung Joo‘s sickness. However, her scheme to keep the OTP apart backfires as our speechless hero seeks out Jung Joo. At the lighthouse, Jung Joo recalls the times Gun Woo had been nice to her, all because he was driven by his mistake. Gun Woo arrives, and he remains quiet, still shocked by what he has learned. As he stares at her, his expression full of intensity and emotion, Jung Joo confronts him with the truth. The whole time he only pitied her, staying with her because he thought she was dying. But what now? She’s not sick, but is he still hers till she dies? In response, Gun woo embraces her. He makes his own confession, telling her that he is hers until she dies. Finally! The WooJoo ship has sailed!

6. “Ex-Girlfriend Club”: A villain emerges

This scene is among our top moments simply because it is a game changer. As they say, nothing is hidden under the sun, so, despite Hwa Yeong‘s best efforts, her fiancé learns of her true relationship with Myeong Soo—and from her lips no less.

The aftermath is not pretty. Gone is the sweet, kind Young Jae and in his place is his evil twin. The first thing he does is stop production on the movie. He then informs his now former best friend that he’ll be spending the duration of his five-year contract without work. Hwa Yeong won’t get fired, but she’ll be sent to the boonies. As for the copyrights to Myeong Soo’s work? Well, he won’t be getting it back. Dang!

If Hwa Yeong is a lioness, then we suppose that makes him a lion. From this, we can see what happens when one wakes a sleeping lion. Lesson learned.


7. “Who Are You: School 2015”: Just for a while

In emotional turmoil after a fight with his dad, Tae Kwang goes to Eun Bi. She senses the mood right away and tries to break out of it, but Tae Kwang doesn’t let her. As he tries to confess, she wishes to let him down softly, but Tae Kwang, who’s already aware of her feelings, lets her know she doesn’t need to say a thing because he likes her anyway. Shocked, she apologizes and begins to walk off, but he holds her instead. He asks to stay in the embrace for a bit as he seeks her comfort.

We have no clue how Eun Bi did not melt in that moment, but we sure did. Tae Kwang’s heartbreak is a hard one to ignore, and we hope he gets his happy ending along with the rest of the characters.

8. “Orange Marmalade”: At first sight then, too

To appreciate the future, sometimes, we have to look at the past.

Recently, “Orange Marmalade” traveled back to the Joseon era when vampires roamed secretly at large and Jae Min and Shi Hoo were scholars at Sungkyunkwan University. Much like his present self, Shi Hoo was a rebel, and as he had left the grounds again, Jae Min was ordered by an angry professor to bring him back. Jae Min headed to the woods and while he looked for his friend’s hideout, music lured him into a clearing. The sound was coming from a young woman playing a flute, but it was Ma Ri’s beauty that enthralled him. When he stepped on a twig, she stopped playing, and he instantly walked away. Their first meeting really was anything but romantic as he also almost lost his life to a snake bite and Ma Ri’s vampire instincts. However, their next encounter in the forest made up for it as they spent a wonderful moment looking at the “stars” in daylight.

9. “Hwajung”: Come clean

When In Woo learns that Hwa Yi has the bracelet of the deceased princess, he quickly puts two and two together: Unable to believe that she might actually be the princess, he emphatically questions her identity. In Woo’s earnest questioning is quite gripping, and we are relieved he has figured out who she really is, but will she admit to the truth?

10. “The Lover”: Do this for me

There are some things you just don’t want to do, no matter what, but when your lover gives the pouty face or puppy dog eyes, you give in, especially when it’s as simple as watching a silly TV show.

We don’t understand the secret wish a lot of women have to put makeup on their guy, but we give major kudos to Hwan Jong for allowing it to happen. When his lovely bride-to-be, Seol Eun, wants to watch a cosmetic program and asks if she can narrate while applying some on his face, he gives in, but his thoughts are hilarious. The poor guy just wants to see the soccer game, but he puts on a fake smile, giving it his all. We think someone should buy him a few beers for suffering through that.

Once again, thank you for joining us! Give us your thoughts below, and let’s do it again next week!

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