Celebrity Baseball Team Saves a Man’s Life

It has been reported that a celebrity baseball team helped in saving a man’s precious life.

According to Han Star on June 8, the members of a celebrity baseball team discovered a man in his thirties calling for help on the side of a freeway in Gyeonggi Province on June 6 at around 5 p.m. (KST). The man appeared to be having difficulty breathing.

It is said that the team members provided the man with emergency care before transferring him to the help of a professional rescue team.

After being rushed to the emergency room at a hospital in Ilsan, the man was diagnosed with hyperpnea, for which he received proper treatment. He was safely released from the hospital the following day, on June 7.

A representative of the hospital expressed, “If it weren’t for the emergency care of the baseball team members, this could have ended in a big accident.”

According to actor Kim Yong Hee, who takes on the role of manager for the celebrity baseball team, the team members were all on their way home after finishing up a game, when they saw a vehicle suddenly come to a stop at the side of the road.

Then, a man came out of the car and urgently shouted, “Please help me, it’s hard to breathe,” before collapsing on the ground.

As the team members previously encountered a similar instance during a baseball game, Kim Yong Hee and the rest of the team promptly laid the man on his back and began to massage him and provide first aid measures. It is said that they were able to successfully carry out effective emergency care while on the phone with rescue workers until the ambulance arrived.

At the time of the incident, Kim Yong Hee was accompanied by 10 others from the baseball team, including comedians Kim Hak Do and Cha Seung Hwan, as well as singers Nam Joon Bong and Sung Woo.

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