Two Years With BTS and Twitter (aka My OTP)

Today marks the two year anniversary of BTS’s debut and as the resident ARMY at the Soompi office, I wanted to celebrate a few of the great moments in BTS history with all the Soompi ARMYs out there! All photos are from the boys themselves, because (as we all know) they have perhaps the best twitter account in all of twitterdom. So, from that time that everyone was surprised by a new member (4-D V) just ten days before debut to over 2 years of great music recs, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate BTS. Click through the gallery to see some of my favorite BTS milestones and precious moments! If I missed any of your favorites, let me know in the comments.

BTS - debut

June 12, 2013 marked the much-anticipated debut of the group. Here’s Suga with the adorable cake gifted to the boys at their official showcase. June 13th, the group’s M-Countdown debut, was also the moment when we all realized that BTS is actually just a group of absolute dorks. Like, look at that group photo. Just look at it. Sweg.


September of 2013 was a big month for BTS…. or perhaps just for the mean-streak that all the members have. From celebrating maknae Jungkook’s birthday on the first by making him cry to the 9/3 debut of their first cable TV program Rookie King Channel BTS which was really just a show filled with pain and embarrassment for the members  (“Hip-hop is dead” – Min Suga) and mad laughter for us fans. Oh, and also BTS’s 100 days. A little joy in between all the tears!


Then we have N.O. era (released 9/11/13). And really, we have to thank N.O. era for many things but most notably that time that Rap Monster ripped his shirt off on live television (9/27/13) and the creation of Suga’s “rich housewife” aesthetic. Jimin also ripped his shirt but he does that a lot, so it is less of an epic milestone – though I am not complaining.


The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 was when Suga was couped up in the hospital, missing Idol Olympics. Luckily, the rest of the group pooled together to compete and adopted a fan-made bear to replace him (which was possibly similar to Suga himself since he has a reputation for being the laziest member despite actually being the best at sports).  Early 2014 was also awards season, and BTS deeeefinitely cleaned up. They won the Newcomer Award at Golden Disk, the New Artist of The Year at the Melon Music Awards, and then again at the Seoul Music Awards! And one more time for four, the newcomer award at the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards! In the end, BTS is just more suited to winning trophies than medals at sports events.


The rest of early 2014 was filled with uniforms and not a soul complained. February was a comeback with Skool Luv Affair, March was Jungkook’s school entrance and BTS covering Shinhwa, and April was “Just One Day” aka BTS being adorable in cardigans. I could write more about early 2014, but I’d prefer to let you enjoy the pictures in peace.


The summer of 2014 was hot and by that I mean busy.  June 12th was BTS’s first birthday (and a day-long, tweet-filled celebration), July marked the boys heading to LA to film “American Hustle Life” with their idols (+the creation of Jimin’s favorite (?) nickname Chim Chim), and then August was both a comeback with “Danger” (and a full-length album) plus KCON in LA! Whew, too much going on, too many great pictures, all the feels.


Finally, in September fans were greeted with the news that BTS was getting their first solo concert – after only a little over a year of promotions! October was filled with practice photos and the actual concert f0r lucky fans in Korea and November brought everyone’s secret (not-so-secret) favorite era, “Hormone War!” Despite being the first song that comes up if you search for “noisy songs” on Naver, “Hormone War” brought us great moments like V and Jimin’s onstage kicking fights, perfect concept photos, and Rap Monster’s epic dancing.


Then came the hustle and bustle of the year-end awards shows (and Taehyung breaking the internet with a selfie of him and his fake twin EXO’s Baekhyun)! Luckily, after all the intense schedules the members were all able to enjoy early 2015 at home with their families and their pets! V kept us updated on the daily life of his dog, Soonshimi, J-Hope had his wisdom teeth removed, Jin revealed his epic Mario collection, and Suga probably slept a lot as he relaxed at his grandma’s house in the countryside. Thank you BigHit!


February and March were definitely Rap Monster’s months – he landed a spot on the program “Problematic Men,” returned to LA to work with Warren G, and released his own mixtape! Get it, leader! (also, dear BigHit: please release J-Hope and Suga’s mixtapes soon too!) Oh, also V revealed his obsession with Crossy Road while Jimin became the Crossy Road chicken.


And, fast forward to April 29th, the release of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1 and “I Need U.” A total image change with a very impressive music video, all leading up to May 5th and the group’s first ever win on a music program!! MTV The Show (twice!), M-Countdown, and Music Bank – BTS won them all.


With the boys surfing this amazing high, I know that fans everywhere are just waiting to see what will happen next. So, from the bottom of every ARMY’s heart: Happy Second Anniversary BTS! Whether you’ve seen them already or you’re seeing them in the states this July or in South America in August – revel in stanning one of the best (oooh fighting words) groups in K-pop! If I missed any of your favorite moments, share them below!

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