14 Ironic and Funny Korean Graphic T-Shirts

Have you ever noticed your favorite K-pop or K-drama stars wearing ironic and funny graphic t-shirts? Korean graphic t-shirts are a great source of amusement for English speakers. Oftentimes, the English used for graphic t-shirts is hilariously nonsensical. Most Koreans wearing these shirts seem unaware of what the English on their shirts actually means. Take a look for yourself at some interesting Korean graphic t-shirts we have seen!

Since it’s not possible most of the time to (sneakily) take a photo of a person wearing a funny graphic t-shirt, we’ve placed some of the hilarious phrases we’ve spotted onto a generic t-shirt, so be warned that some of what you see below is not exactly what the shirts look like. But the English phrases are not made up; these are real graphic t-shirts we have seen in Korea. Enjoy!

Some t-shirts start out great, but end really weird…


“Two heads are better than one. Good vibes lucete.” Anyone know what lucete means? Maybe it’s a typo, but of what?

Ironic graphic t-shirts are appearing quite often on television these days! Must be a trend.


Lee Seo Jin’s shirt says “Moving Still” on an episode of “Three Meals a Day.” If you are still, you can’t move…


“Delayed brain.” What does this mean? That the person wearing this t-shirt needs caffeine?


Kim Soo Hyun wore this sweatshirt that says “Everything But Hot Ice” on an episode of “Producer!” Ice can’t be hot, right?


“Nix Sweetheart.” Are you or aren’t you a sweetheart?


SHINee’s Onew wears a shirt saying “Sundays Best” on “Music Core.” Traditionally it’s called your Sunday Best and it’s quite ironic that a t-shirt could be one’s Sunday Best… Onew still looks adorable though!

Many graphic t-shirts feature incomplete sentences. I guess we can try making a game of finishing the sentence ourselves!


“The key to success, creativity.” You could exchange the comma for the word “is” or say something about creativity.


“Our mothers.” Our mothers what? And why are these words on the bottom of the t-shirt?


“I Just Really Don’t…?” I just really don’t like weird graphic t-shirts!

So technically these make sense grammar-wise, but they are quite ridiculous.


“I like my mustaches.” It’s not possible for one person to have more than one mustache, is it?

There are some t-shirts that are quite offensive, too!


“My mom says I’m special so f*** you.” You must have a nice mom… but your t-shirt isn’t so nice.

* the expletive is not censored on the real t-shirt


“Your mom is a hamster.” If my mom is a hamster, then your mom is a …

Whoever designed this t-shirt just stuck a bunch of words together…


“Econeers green artist me.” Could this actually be a company t-shirt?

There are some things that are TMI (too much information) to put on a graphic t-shirt.


“I am a virgin.” Why are you telling me this?

Which Korean graphic t-shirts did you find the most hilarious? Have you seen any other ridiculous t-shirts? Share in the comments below! Stay tuned for a part two!

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