f(x)'s Luna Is Commended for Her Dedication and Passion by Kim Ji Woo

Actress Kim Ji Woo has nothing but great things to say about her friend f(x)‘s Luna!

Luna is currently filling in on MBC‘s radio show “Sunny’s FM Date” while host Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny is off in Thailand filming the group’s comeback music video.

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On June 11’s episode, Luna interviewed Kim Ji Woo in the part of the show where the host calls one of their friends. Kim Ji Woo and Luna both recently competed against each other on the show “King of Mask Singer,” with Luna winning the round.

During the interview, Kim Ji Woo says that she first became close with Luna when she saw the young star rehearsing alone for a musical. The two stars shared the role of Elle Woods in the musical “Legally Blonde” in 2011.

“Luna said that she’d taken the bus to rehearsal because she thought she needed to practice,” says Kim Ji Woo. “It was the first time I’d ever seen an idol ride a bus on their own, or practice as hard as she did in the rehearsal room. I thought she must have an amazing amount of passion to be going to the extent of traveling around on her own. It made me think that I should work hard too.”

Luna says, “That was when I was doing my first musical. I was 19 years old, and on top of that I had nodules on my vocal cords then. Singing was scary, and it was really hard because it was my first time acting. But Kim Ji Woo helped me a lot.”

Kim Ji Woo adds, “Honestly, that was my first time seeing a pure and kind idol like Luna. I had a prejudice against idols before then, but Luna was the one who broke it for me.”

“Luna feels more to me like a close friend that lives next door than an idol,” she says, to which Luna says “I’m so touched!”

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