The production team of “We Got Married” is currently under fire for a scene in June 13’s episode in which American model and actress Chloe Moretz is given the challenge of eating some unfamiliar Korean food when she visits Henry and Yewon‘s house with Eric Nam. Some netizens have been criticizing the show for putting Chloe Moretz in what they believe to be an uncomfortable position.

On the show, Henry and Yewon prepare four food challenges for Chloe Moretz: silkworm larvae (bundegi), Korean blood sausage (soondae), live octopus, and super spicy ramyun. The couple calls it the “Korean Food Avengers” challenge. They give her some more familiar Korean food first, like bulgogi, before they introduce the silkworm larvae as the first round.

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All four of them laugh about the challenge, but Chloe Moretz seems hesitant at first about eating the larvae.

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“You go first, I’ll watch,” she says to Yewon. She then looks absolutely stuned as Yewon digs in.

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She agrees to eat the silkworm larvae as long as someone else does it at the same time, and Eric Nam readily steps up to the plate. The two tap their larva together as though doing a “cheers,” and then she yells “Oh my god!” and squeals a bit before putting it in her mouth.

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After pulling a few funny faces she says, “Oh, it’s actually not bad at all.”

She’s not a big fan of the next challenge, the blood sausage, which has a strong taste and smell.

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She laughs at the pungent aftertaste, and Henry grabs her a sweet rice drink to take away the taste.

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Their next round alarms even Henry. It’s live octopus! Chloe Moretz and Eric Nam tease Henry as Yewon feeds him a bit of the octopus. “He’s gonna spit it out,” predicts Chloe Moretz.

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Henry doesn’t look too thrilled, saying that it’s sticking to the top of his mouth. Eventually he tells Chloe Moretz, “It’s like gum, it tastes pretty good.”


“It’s like gum?” asks Chloe Moretz suspiciously.

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She does take a bite, but she quickly downs some water right after. “It’s not too bad!” she says. “It’s weird!” She then says that she can feel it moving in her throat.

Her last challenge is super spicy ramyun. She enjoys it, and even tries some more of the spicy powder.

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In retaliation for the challenge, Eric Nam and Chloe Moretz make Henry eat some more of the silkworm larvae with spicy powder. After giving him some aegyo, Chloe Moretz refuses to take any more of Henry’s stalling, and yells “Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” while holding a silkworm larva out to him. Henry eventually gives in and swallows it down.

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Overall, Chloe Moretz seems totally game for the challenge and looks like she’s having a lot of fun. However, some Korean netizens have been criticizing “We Got Married” for what they see as forcing their American guest Chloe Moretz to eat things that she didn’t want to.

One reporter writes, “It worked because of Chloe Moretz’s easy-going personality and her talents at entertainment. But viewers felt uneasy. It seems ‘We Got Married’ won’t be able to avoid criticism over whether they really had to make a foreign guest eat silkworm larvae, blood sausage, and live octopus.”

One netizen comments on the article, “Don’t give her that kind of thing to eat… There’s so much delicious Korean food out there. The producer who thought that it could only be funny if they gave her that kind of thing must be a bit dim.”

Another comments, “They had absolutely no concern for the foreign guest. It was uncomfortable to watch. This episode complete wrecks Korea’s image.”

However, “We Got Married” producer Sun Hye Yoon has responded to the criticism by explaining that Chloe Moretz had actually been the one who had suggested the scene.

On June 13, Sun Hye Yoon told TV Report, “Chloe Moretz’s representatives made the request, saying that she wanted to eat unique food like live octopus. They said she was interested in trying unique dishes like traditional royal court food while she was in Korea.”

“On set, Chloe Moretz was having a lot of fun,” she adds. “Since she’s 19 years old, she was really bubbly. She got on well with Eric Nam, Henry and Yewon.”

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