Henry Writes Sweet Messages to Yewon and Fans After Final

June 13’s episode of “We Got Married” was a bittersweet end to the virtual romance of Yewon and Super Junior M‘s Henry, who were sadly on the show for only three months. Henry took to social media on June 13 to talk to fans about leaving the show and to send a message to his virtual wife Yewon.

On his Twitter, he writes, “I feel a bit strange now that it’s really over. I’m sorry that it ended so suddenly. Everyone!… I wanted to show you more fun scenes!!ㅠ Please look forward to the new couples and give them lots of support!”

“And to my friend, Yewon!” he adds. “Thank you for always taking care of me and giving me strength when things were difficult! Thank you for buying me rice porridge that time when my stomach hurtㅠ! I should have been the one to take care of you, so I’m sorry that I can’t do more than this.ㅠ In the future, I’ll be a really reliable friend for you! And Yewon, don’t cry everyday anymore and have strength.ㅠ”

Lastly to his fans, he writes, “I love all of the viewers and want to give each and every one of you a hug. Please keep supporting me in the future! If you happen to see me on the street, please say hello!”

He also tweeted some photos of the rice porridge that Yewon had sent Henry when he was sick, including a note in which Yewon writes, “Henry ~~ !!! Your stomach is upset, right? Eat this and feel better!”

Henry also uploaded two voice messages to Flitto for his fans. He says, “Hi everyone! Wow, ‘We Got Married’ has ended. Thanks for giving me so much support. I’m really sorry if I made you angry or a bit jealous. I know that watching ‘We Got Married’ as a fan can be hard.”

In his second voice message, he says, “I’ll be on some more shows in the future, so be sure to watch me on there. Also, the most important thing is that I’m writing more songs now – just wait a bit more. And I love all of you fans who love me. I’m always grateful.”

We can’t wait to see what you’re planning next, Henry!

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