Goo Hye Sun Addresses Rumors About Her Being a Compulsive Liar

Actress Goo Hye Sun spoke up about the rumors of her being a compulsive liar in a recent interview.

In a recent interview with media outlet TV Report, she addressed these rumors that have been associated with her name for a long time. Until now, she has never addressed these issues regarding her “compulsive lying” that seem to always come up when one searched “Goo Hye Sun” in search engines.

She said, “I do look at all the negative comments. The people who write those comments, and those who believe my rumors, think that it is all truth. There’s nothing I can do about that. What I have said as jokes were transformed as truths, and they were misunderstood when put in writing.”

Adding that she normally enjoys joking around, she said, “People like to think that I’m a serious person. But in reality, I like humor, and I like to joke. 80% of what I say can be considered jokes.” She continued, “Those things I have said would be portrayed in the media and I started appearing as someone who only lies. That’s where “compulsive liar Goo Hye Sun” came from.”

She used a specific example of her house. “One time, it was reported that I lived in a 10 square meter house. Then later, I was introduced as living in a 600 square meter house. From the beginning, it was my room that was 10 square meters, and I had two rooms like that. But parts like those get edited, and only the shocking parts are delivered.”

However, she further continued, “But I am the one who provided opportunities for that to happen. So I used to blame myself. Truthfully, when I was young, I did want the attention. So I hid my feelings. I pretended like I was courageous, fearless, and competent. But I was actually very fearful, and nervous. But I didn’t want that to be known. I was just a young kid, who wanted the attention from the public.”

“Sometimes I do receive feedback that is better than what I expected. I’m trying to get better through those feedback. I tend to like non-mainstream things over the mainstream. I think it’s because I never tried to face the issue heads on.”

Goo Hye Sun has tried her hands at various artistic fields, branching out into fine art, film, and music. She has recently released her second album “Breath 2.”

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