Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week - June Week 2

Summer’s kicking off, and as the June weather becomes hotter and more intense, so do the K-drama moments.

Here are our sizzling picks from the second week of June!

1. “My Love Eun Dong”: Unmistakable

Eun Ho has been searching for Eun Dong for ten years, and he hopes that his stardom and a book about their love story will reunite them. Jung Eun, who has no memories of her life before her accident, has been hired as Eun Ho’s ghostwriter. They don’t ever meet all while she writes for him, but as he sends her his recollections, Jung Eun’s deeply hidden memories of when she was Eun Dong intuitively weave themselves into his book. So, when he learns that a passage in the book could only have been known by his long lost love (and he himself didn’t even know about it), Eun Ho becomes certain that Jung Eun is Eun Dong. Swept off by his emotions, he drives to Jung Eun’s apartment. He calls her and persuades her to meet him outside, and as soon as he sees her, he knows he has found his Eun Dong. Seeing her, he trembles and cries. As much as he wants to be with her, he is unable to face her and makes an excuse to cancel their meeting. As she walks away, he gives in to his tears, all the years of missing her culminating in this moment.

People might try to keep them apart, but destiny and their memories are on our OTP’s side.

2. “Who Are You: School 2015”: The bigger badass

So Young has been a constant thorn in Eun Bi‘s side, but Eun Byul is back to do some rightful cutting.

Upon her return, Eun Byul foils another one of So Young’s plan to reveal Eun Bi’s identity and avenges her little sister. While repeatedly shoving her backwards, Eun Byul calls Soo Young out on being a bully, especially for her lack of remorse towards Eun Bi’s death. Although she is shaken, So Young readies to strike, but Eun Byul catches her arm and raises her own hand as if to slap her. So Young flinches, expecting the blow, but Eun Byul drops her hand and tells her that answering violence with violence is beneath her.

So Young is finally put in her place! The writers should have brought Eun Byul back sooner!


3. “Producer”: Swing away

Cindy likes Seung Chan. Seung Chan likes Ye Jin. Ye Jin likes Joon Mo … Well, she thought she did, but now, she’s not sure. So, here comes Seung Chan to clear up any confusion!

He’s always been in a one-sided love but has never had the courage to confess. How can your love ever be realized if you don’t put it out into the world? This time, Seung Chan finally does, hoping that it makes Ye Jin come to him, just like she does when he pulls her swing and gives her a kiss.

Excuse us while we squeal!


4. “Warm and Cozy”: A sweet difference

After her confession at the lighthouse, Jung Joo‘s heart beats stronger for Gun Woo, but it seems nothing has changed for him, or so he’d like to believe.

While Jung Joo retrieves some ingredients from the storage room, the light flickers, and as she reaches for a new bulb off the top shelf, she spills a bag of powdered sugar on her head. Gun Woo helps to dust her off, teasing that she has become sweeter. Jung Joo asks him to blow the sugar out of her eyes before it gets sticky. When he obliges, a wave of new feelings seems to rush over Gun Woo. His eyes linger on her, seeing her as a woman at that moment. He wonders if things between them are different? He may sound like he’s referring to the sugar, but his feelings for her have definitely changed, no matter how much he tries to balk.

5. “Who Are You: School 2015”: That’s how you do a cliffhanger

Lonely, Tae Kwang has lost his appetite, and so, he calls Eun Bi to take him out to eat. They have a great time together, but as the day winds down, so does their date. Tae Kwang walks Eun Bi home, and as they part at her gate, she offers him advice about how to make time go faster when he is alone. He outright rejects it because the only way time flies for him is when he’s with her. Tae Kwang then closes the distance between them until he kisses her cheek. Of course, at that very moment, Yi An shows up to see the whole thing!

These writers pull out all the stops to keep fans guessing about whom she’ll choose to be with!

6. “Mask”: Body heat

We love skinship, especially when it’s skin to skin!

Ji Sook‘s jealous sister-in-law has made sure she’s stranded with her brother, Min Woo, on an island, and when she drops the ring in the water, she gets soaked chasing after it. Getting stranded while soaked has never been a good idea, and Ji Sook gets sick. And what does her husband do? Min Woo undresses them both so that they can share his body heat.

It’s a very sexy scene, but it’s among our favorites because more than anything, they’ve begun to reveal their real selves to each other.

7. “Hwajung”: Finding each other again

Hwayi and her mother, whom she believed to be dead, finally reunited in what must be the most emotional scene of the drama.

Their reunion has us touched, but we’re still worried about her safety as more and more people are learning the truth about Hwayi’s identity.

8. “Orange Marmalade”: I’ll stomach it for you

When Jae Min meets up with Ma Ri at their usual spot in the forest, he gives her a bag of rice, which he had stolen from his home. He tells her that from now on, he’ll be reading on their rock, and he will want rice balls for lunch. She’s happy to make them for him, but she’s never cooked before. So, she enlists a friend for lessons, teaching her how to cook rice and season it. Left to her own devices, Ma Ri sprinkles a handful of salt in his lunch, and when they meet again, she proudly unveils a basket full of rice balls. Jae Min is surprised by the quantity, scolding her for using all the rice when only two rice balls would be enough for his lunch. Seeing her crestfallen, he dips from the basket and eats a rice ball. Jae Min almost gags from the salty taste, but he puts on a brave face for Ma Ri and tells her it’s delicious. LOL. Although he would spend part of the night guzzling down water to wash away the salt, at least, he has made Ma Ri very happy for her hard work.


9. “High Society”: First impressions are everything

It might not be easy to like our hero Choi Joon Ki. He is an ambitious young man who uses wealthy women to help him ascend the ladder of success, but he is a layered character and among the few things that have endeared some viewers to him is his immediate attraction to the vulnerable Jang Yoon Ha, an heiress of the Taejin Group. Wearing makeup that screams rebel and with her very casual attire of ripped jeans and a loose, white tank top, Joon Ki’s eyes scan her as they ride the elevator together. She has gone to the hotel for an arranged date with his close friend, Chang Soo. Unfortunately, it’s a first meeting that leaves Yoon Ha in tears as Chang Soo humiliates her. After Joon Ki breaks up with his rich girlfriend, he ends up taking the elevator with Yoon Ha again. She is noticeably sullen this time, and though gone is the sassy diva who snagged his initial attention, his eyes are still drawn to her as though he’s memorizing her face. She may not have noticed him, but her she is burned in Joon Ki’s memory.

10. “Queen’s Flower”: I can do this

We already know about Jae Joon‘s fear of blood, but it turns out, he has a phobia of heights, too. Determined to become stronger, he tries to conquer his fear and rides a cable car. Although he has brought Yi Sol with him, he decides to go it alone first. As the cable car moves higher in the air, Jae Joon is struck with panic and falls on his knees. However, remembering Yi Sol’s encouraging words gets him through the experience, and he overcomes his fear. He meets Yi Sol a more confident man and gives her a ride in the lift, where they embrace each other. We love how sweet this couple is together, which is why we’re apprehensive when the truth about their family ties comes out.

We hope you agree with our picks! Give a shout out to your favorites below, and let’s do this again next week!

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