It's Dance Time for Chu Sarang on

On this week’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Chu Sung Hoon takes to DJing for Chu Sarang, who is all business with her dancing, as well as music preferences.

Before Chu Sung Hoon gets the chance to play any music, Chu Sarang yells, “GD!” but gets Girls’ Generation’s “Taxi,” instead, of which she approves.

The little dancer gets extra excited when Dad turns on the children’s song “Bbarabam,” the very one and only tune that got the Song triplets to get their grooves on previously on the show.

chu sarang dance

They are all just so adorable.

song triplets dance

Oddly enough, when Chu Sung Hoon transitions into “Crooked,” by G-Dragon, which he must have thought was something Chu Sarang would like, Sarang throws a fit and starts crying, wanting him to go back to the previous song.

And when Chu Sung Hoon gets into the heavy electronic music, Chu Sarang isn’t pleased, and decides to leave this club.

Watch the full clip here:

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