Update: BTS Drops Concept Photos for Upcoming Comeback With “Sick”

Concept photos for BTS’s 3rd mini album “Sick” have been revealed, and like its name, the images are bombing with awesomeness.

On June 14, BTS posted concept photos for their upcoming comeback through their official Facebook. Along with the witty caption, “Hey, I bet you’ve never seen a group like BTS, “ striking images of the group were posted along as well.

The bright red background of the photos that contrast with the members’ black outfits is the first thing to catch viewers’ eyes. The overall theme seems to be an elevator, especially since two of the photos are dedicated to the vintage panels.

BTS1Only Rap Monster and Suga can be seen in the photos, both wearing black-based uniforms. Both look charismatically at the camera, and the lack of explanation behind the scenes pokes at fans’ imaginations.

BTS 10 BTS 9 BTS 8 BTS 7 BTS 6 BTS 5 BTS 4 BTS 2

*Update: J-Hope concept photos

j-hope j-hope2 j-hope3 j-hope4 j-hope5

*Update 2: Jin concept photos

BTS Jin BTS Jin2 BTS Jin3

*Update 3: Jungkook’s concept photos

JungKook JungKook2 JungKook3 JungKook4

*Update 4: V’s concept photos

V5 V4 V3 V2 V

*Update 5: Jimin’s concept photos and group shot

bts 2 bts jimin 2 bts jimin 3 bts jimin 4 bts jimin 5
bts 1

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