Uee Finally Goes on a Date with Kwanghee on

It seems that Kwanghee might finally be getting the chance to have dinner alone with his crush Uee. Since Kwanghee has declared several times that he likes Uee a lot, the members of “Infinity Challenge” call up Uee on June 20’s episode so that Kwanghee can ask her out.

The guys pass the phone around and chat with Uee themselves first, of course. When she insists that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Haha plays the wing man and implores her, “So couldn’t you date Kwanghee?!”

They then give Kwanghee exactly one minute to talk to her, but they completely flip out over how she talks to him in a cute way. Kwanghee then goes right in for the kill and says to her, “Let’s really go out for dinner this time, just the two of us.”

kwanghee uee

The “Infinity Challenge” guys end up eating up his precious time by laughing at the way Uee avoids answering his attempts to ask her out.

But everything seems to work out for Kwanghee in the end, because in the preview for the next episode, it looks like the two of them are about to have dinner together. First off, the members (minus Kwanghee) ask her questions as they all sit in a booth at a fancy restaurant, and Uee seems to be really nervous.


The preview then shows Uee sitting at a table set for two. Kwanghee arrives at the restaurant, and looks totally shocked when he enters and sees his crush there waiting for him!

kwanghee uee 3

We’ll have to wait until June 27’s episode to see how this all came about, and what happens on what appears to be Uee and Kwanghee’s first date!

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Update June 24 KST:

“Infinity Challenge” has released a still image for Kwanghee’s “date” with Uee.

uee and kwanghee on date on infinity challenge

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