Korean Woman Makes Desperate Plea for Help After 20 Years of Sexual Slavery at Hands of Pastor Husband and Family

Korean netizens and international communities alike have been moved to action following a horrifying Nate community post that was made late June 20, under an anonymous ID that states, “Help me.” 

The woman, who later identifies herself in her second post as Lee Jung Hee, starts, “Hello. Everyone.. I’m am confessing with a heart of atonement the incredibly horrific and frustrating life that I’ve had to live thus far. I am a filthy woman.”

She goes on to describe an incredible story of prostitution, abuse, rape, and oppression of her and her two sons – in addition to others – at the hands of her own family, including her husband, a church pastor. The organization which she was forced to be a part of is, according to her post, part of a huge prostitution business with locations nationwide, in which her own family and her husband’s family are both deeply involved. “My children have been raped by about 300 people, while for me, in the 20 years of my marriage, the number reaches 1000,” says Lee Jung Hee.

The police have refused all requests for assistance, she states, saying that while she has done press interviews, her husband intercepted any content that was to be aired and that her own family took her husband’s side to corroborate her supposed insanity to debunk her claims.

She turns to the online community in a plea for everyone to help spread the word.

Her son made a followup to her initial post on June 21: “From when I was 5 years old, I’ve been sexually assaulted by my father, in addition to people my father has brought home. I’ve been assaulted by pastors and doctors from Busan, people from Chungju. But now they all deny it.”

He goes on to name close family members. “I’ve been sexually assaulted by my grandfather [on my father’s side], my grandparents [on my mother’s side], my mom’s sister and brother, and my mom’s sister’s sons.”

“My father and my grandfather are both pastors,” states the son.

The latest post, made on June 22, is another plea by Lee Jung Hee for someone to save her sons, the older of which is currently hospitalized. The younger son is unable to go to school or get proper treatment, she says. 

Lee Jung Hee states, “This is all my fault as a mother, for not being able to escape with my sons earlier,” and further describes her situation.

The online community has responded in earnest, attempting to spread awareness of the story via major social networks using #HelpLeeJungHee, translations of the original Korean posts in various languages, and reports to major news sources. 

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The case previously saw Korean media light in the latter half of 2014, including a segment on Korea’s TV Chosun, during which an affiliate of the husband’s church speaks to the news outlet, countering Lee Jung Hee’s claims.

The affiliate says, “I’m not sure how the son and wife have been living after they were kicked out, but we assume there was discord within the family. In the midst of that, we’re wondering if the wife didn’t suffer from a mental disease after experiencing psychological stress. We don’t think she is mentally stable; to leave alone thinking that she is in her right mind, this is too big of a situation. First of all, what we have before us is all lies. We have to make it right by revealing the truth.”

Currently, Korean articles covering the press conference held in October of 2014 by the mother and two sons in question have been taken down.

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