SISTAR's Bora and Soyu Say Hyorin Only Does What She Wants to Do

SISTAR members Bora and Soyu called out Hyorin for always getting her way while appearing on the June 22 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor.”

During the program, one guest describes their trouble with a friend who is always doing whatever they want to do. When MC Jung Chan Woo asks SISTAR if one of their members fits that description as well, Hyorin is immediately called out.

“Hyorin only eats what she wants to eat, and if she has something she wants to do immediately, she has to do it immediately,” Bora says.

When asked whether Hyorin has changed at all and tries to adjust to others, Soyu responds, “Nope, now she just ignores us. No matter what, somehow she manages to coax someone to do [what she wants to do]. If that doesn’t work she tries to act pitiful.”

Hyorin complains, “Even if I just suggest going to get a shot of soju, Soyu always refuses me at least once.”

Soyu responds, “No, so after we finish our schedule, Hyorin says to me, ‘Soyu, let’s grab pork belly,’ and if I don’t say anything, she says, ‘Okay!’ and tells our manager, ‘After we’re done Soyu and I are going to eat pork belly so drop us off there.'”

She continues, “If I ask, ‘When did I say [I’d go with you]?’ Hyorin says, ‘She says she’s going!'”


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