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On June 22’s episode of “Hello Counselor,” SISTAR‘s Hyorin and Soyu explain that speculation about bullying between members of the group has all just been based on a misunderstanding.

Bora, Hyorin, and Soyu are all sitting in as guests on this episode, and after the hosts read a story written by someone who’s suffering because of a misunderstanding, they ask the girls if they’ve ever had a similar issue.

Soyu explains that sometimes their fans misunderstand them because they always use big gestures when they talk. She recounts one time when their youngest member Dasom was telling them, “You guys, I think my body isn’t as nice as yours…”

“She was complaining like, ‘I want to look like you guys!'” adds Hyorin.

Then Soyu and Hyorin reenact the scene, with Soyu pretending to be Dasom. Hyorin shows how after Dasom had complained about her body, Hyorin gestured dramatically at her while yelling, “But you’re so pretty! All over! Including your face!”

sistar 1

The girls then imitate the face that Dasom was making afterwards, which made some onlookers think that she was being bullied.

sistar 2

“Because of our strong image, there’s been a lot of times where we’ve been misunderstood,” says Soyu. Hyorin adds that it’s really upsetting when people misunderstand them.

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