BTS Shares What Their Group Name Could Have Been Prior to Debut

The members of BTS recently talked about the possibilities of their group name having been something other than what it is now.

On the June 22 broadcast of Mnet’s “Yaman TV,” they revealed that there were a few other team names that were in the running before deciding on ‘Bangtan Boys.’

During the broadcast, one of the MCs asked, “What’s the meaning of ‘Bangtan Boys?’” J-Hope replied, “The meaning of ‘bangtan’ is to guard against something. So [our name] means that we will boldly defend our music and our value/worth.”

The MCs questioned, “’Bangtan’ doesn’t have anything to with [the last name] Bang?” referring to Bang Si Hyuk, producer and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment. In response, Suga explained, “Some people think that our name means ‘Boys Created by Bang Si Hyuk,’ but that’s not true.”

When asked if there were other names nominated before ‘Bangtan Boys,’ the members laughed and shared, “There was ‘Big Kids’ because our agency is ‘Big Hit,’ ‘Young Nation,’ and more.” After listing these possible names, J-Hope commented, “Hearing these other names makes me think that ‘Bangtan Boys’ is a lot better,” causing laughter.

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