K-Pop Best Body Tournament: Final Round

Welcome back to Soompi’s K-Pop Best Body Tournament! It’s time for the ultimate showdown!

The third round, which ended on Sunday, proved to be an especially intense match for the males. After all, how could fans be expected to choose between our final four male contestants when their levels of hotness are all off the charts? Here’s a sample of some of the user comments:

“Changmin, Minho, Changmin, Minho aaaw this is so hard! Changmin is the master but what do I do when the student becomes better than the master?”

“Me: *sees Taecyeon’s body* oooooooh nice! *scrolls down and sees Jimin’s big booty* OMG YOU WIN CHIM CHIM! I love me some booty!”

“Taecyeon really does have the best BODY out of the bunch. As far as bias goes I’d pick someone else out of this group. This is a vote for who has the best body. I would pick a muscular man body over a baby boy muscle body any day!! Sorry Jimin… you’re a cutie bug, but I have to say your body just needs a couple more years to bulk up for me :D”

“I was going to vote for Taecyeon first thought because he has such a masculine body. But then I think Soompi knew… They added the Jibooty.”

“I can’t vote anymore! Really? Minho vs Changmin? 2 hulks of tall, sexy, gorgeousness & you expect me to choose?! NOT FAIR! I refuse to vote. I will just wait & see what happens….”

Let’s just admit it – no matter your personal preference, it’s pretty obvious that Taecyeon, Minho, Changmin, and Jimin all have great bodies! But in the end, only two guys could move forward. And those two guys were… *drumroll* Jimin and Changmin! Congratulations!


As for the ladies? Most everyone agreed that Yuri, Hyori, Soyu, and NS Yoonji all have bodies to die for. But the levels of fandom didn’t inspire quite the same number of impassioned arguments. As a couple users put it:

“Soyu has a better body than Yuri, though Yuri has an amazing body. And between Hyori and Yoonji, I’ll go for Yoonji though both have really great bodies, I’ll be happy with whoever wins this between those 2 ladies.”

“Between Yuri and Soyu, I say the former. Mainly because with Yuri, I see a confidence and glow that I don’t get from Soyu when looking at her. Personal opinion though, folks ^^”

Again, all four are deserving of the title, but in the end, the finalists were chosen. *drumroll* Hyori and Soyu are moving to the final round!


Now, before you click over to the next page, be forewarned – you may have already seen these photos and videos before! That’s because for the final round, we will be taking user-suggested photos and videos. Share your best photos of Changmin, Jimin, Soyu, and Hyori on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #KpopBestBody. We’ll be checking these sites for the best photos, and will be rotating them on this article periodically!

You can vote once every three hours from now until Monday, June 29, 2 PM KST.

Let’s get down to business! Go to the next page to begin.


To be honest, we were kind of surprised to see that Hyori managed to come this far! Not because she doesn’t deserve the title, but just because it’s super rare for a soloist to make it past Round 2 – in fact, we can’t remember if it’s ever happened. But it makes sense that if any solo artist has a chance of winning the top prize, it’s got to be Hyori in the Best Body Tournament. After all, Hyori doesn’t just possess an average nice figure, she is just The Body that K-Pop fans all around the world have worshiped for over a decade. When Hyori finally ended her run as Chum Churum’s spokesmodel in 2012, the soju company decided that they needed not just one but three women (Hyorin, Hara, and HyunA) to replace her… yet to this day, Hyori remains the most iconic soju model that everyone still remembers. While Hyori is neither model-tall nor incredibly skinny, she radiates an enviable healthy-girl-next-door appeal that looks like the result of working out and eating mostly right, not starvation or surgery. Hyori is the original and still the best!


Choosing which K-Pop idols should be included in our tournament was difficult, to say the least – pretty much almost every K-Pop idol has an above-average physique. That’s just part of the package. But one name that everyone unanimously agreed upon early on in the process was SISTAR’s Soyu. Along with being one of the most talented singers in Korean entertainment these days, she’s also the reigning queen of fitness. Soyu works hard to maintain her body, and it shows. She can successfully do deadlifts up to 50 kg in weight, and there are countless videos that show off her expertise in the gym. Soyu also watches what she eats, cutting down on salt and processed foods in favor of chicken breasts, egg whites, and cucumbers. We love her advice on keeping a diet journal to document what she’s eating and how she feels – the fact that she recommended keeping track of her physical condition at all times shows that she’s equally attuned to being healthy and looking good. And that’s reason enough to vote for Soyu – because looking good starts from the inside!



BTS actually debuted with all members showing off their abs. Anyone remember the glorious “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” days? While each member boasted nice abs, Jimin has definitely kept working out diligently to maintain his figure. His chocolate abs were so hot that he was the only member to tease fans with his abs for “No More Dream” performances. Jimin is definitely a bagel (baby face + glamorous body) king in his own right. Chim Chim’s got such a cute, squishy face and then BAM you see his chiseled abs. It’s really the best of both worlds. Don’t forget about his famous Jibooty as well. Fans melted when he flaunted his butt wearing red pants while promoting “Hormone War,” likening his derriere to strawberries and cherries.

jimin abs





Over the years, TVXQ’s Changmin has really grown into his body since his debut. After working out hard and developing muscles, it was definitely easy to see that he had become a man. With his statuesque height, Changmin looks more like a Greek god than a typical K-Pop star. His rock-hard abs and muscles continue to inspire younger idols in the industry as well. EXO’s Xiumin even posted a topless picture of Changmin and vowed to transform his own body. The fact that this multi-talented singer also acts provides more opportunities for fans to see him bare his amazing muscles. Please don’t stop and keep the shower scenes coming our way!



changmin 2changmin abs

Pictures sent in through Twitter with the hashtag #KpopBestBody


hyori 11



soyu 11@P_980808 

soyu 12@P_980808 

soyu 13@P_980808 


jimin 11@Zati_Jimini 

jimin 12@Zati_Jimini 


changmin 11 @FYtohoshinki 

changmin 12@FYtohoshinki 

changmin 13@joongshimotic 


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