Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon Are Unable to Meet Eyes After Kiss Scene in

Recently, SBSMask” released a making video of the drama, from the latest June 17 episode of the show.

The clip includes the scene leading up to Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae’s kiss scene as well as the kiss itself, and while the two seem comfortable with each other, it seems they’re still a bit awkward, especially when the kiss scene rolls around. It seems even the most experienced of actors get embarrassed.

soo ae joo ji hoon mask

Prior to the lip lock, Joo Ji Hoon says his line: “…your expression, gaze, breath, your lips.” However, Soo Ae is unable to restrain her smile at the cheesy dialogue and repeatedly squeezes Joo Ji Hoon’s arm, which makes him laugh, as well.

soo ae joo ji hoon mask 1

The next scene shows several successful collisions of lips at various angles, but immediately after the okay is given by the director, Soo Ae ducks her head to Joo Ji Hoon’s shoulder and the two actors are unable to look at each other for a bit, especially Soo Ae, who ends up burying her face in her hands.

soo ae joo ji hoon mask 2

Watch the making clip as well as the drama scene below:

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