Hyosung Addresses Recent Rumors of Discord Within Secret, Explains Sunhwa's Tweets

Secret’s Jun Hyosung recently visited “Radio Star” with SISTAR’s Soyu, cheerleader Kim Yeon Jung, and Korea’s national soccer team strength coach, Ye Jung Hwa, for a “summer girl” special.

She spoke up regarding the recent rumors of discord within Secret due to a sharp tweet from member Han Sunhwa. Hyosung says, “When she posted the tweets, I was working, but when I saw it later in the evening, it really surprised me.”

At the time, Sunhwa had posted, “Three years ago, [the Secret members] all drank together once or twice because of the atmosphere amongst our members. At the time, I talked about how upset I was about my ‘blank paper’ (airheaded) image, but I guess [Hana] took that as having a lot of complaints against the world.”

Hyosung explains the tweet, saying, “It’s not something she wrote at Jung Hana, but something she wrote because she didn’t want people to misunderstand her own drinking habits.”

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She is then asked if Jung Hana and Han Sunhwa are close enough to scrub each other’s backs, at which she says, “Absolutely. It’s entirely possible.”

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